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Meet Kristin...

Artist, Mother, Business Owner

Hi! I am Kristin. I am a wife to my best friend and biggest supporter. I am a mother to two little studio girls with a little boy on the way.

I don't ever remember not wanting to be an artist when I grew up. My grandmother was an artist and always inspired my love of art. I paint from my in home studio, mostly during nap times and usually have at least one studio buddy along with me.

I started selling my work to friends in 2014 and decided to try my hand at Etsy. This was also the same time that I created my first watercolor scratch off map. That business took off and I have since separated my art from my scratch off maps and started Waypoint Wanders. Along side running that business I've continued to paint and sell my original works. Painting gives me life. The time spent in my studio is so refreshing and healing and allows me to turn off my brain and let the brush do the work.

My favorite mediums are acrylics and watercolors but I really love trying new things and have a real problem with buying new products that look too fun to pass up.


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